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About Us

Eversun is a creation of entrepreneurs who are very fond of variety of spices. Eversun has turned out to be prominent brand because of its superior products which are launched in market after profound research and high-standard testing. V. K. Spices Ind Pvt. Ltd. possesses an ultra-modern plant with state of art technology at Kotada-Sangani Industrial area near Rajkot. Moreover, the company holds the existence in corporate market also and has a potential to export its products in Gulf Countries, Europe, United States of America, and countries of Middle Asia. Eversun is a sea of taste, which possesses a vast experience of providing a heart touching taste across the seven seas.

Delightful Experience of Natural Taste

Indians are very fond of food as well as they are very health conscious also. As a manufacturer of Eversun Masala products, we have a team of expert researchers and sophisticated Ayurvedic professionals who does a stringent inspection of relevance between different food items and spices. And experts also keep cautiousness about the conflicting effects in spices. Because of this awareness, Eversun offers a delightful experience of natural taste of spices which brings a sugary smile on every face who tastes spices of Eversun.

A world of taste without chemical

Eversun discloses a detailed formula of production and ingredients in each and every pack of spices. Any harmful ingredients or chemical elements are not used by us. We Indians have a treasure of herbal plants which are very tasteful flavor so we don’t need any external chemical substance. Eversun is not only a manufacturer of spices, it is a code of conduct, and it is a superior ideology. Thus, Eversun is a delicious gift of Indian botanical principle.

The Complete Secret of Kitchen

Eversun presents a gigantic range of spices from tea to a full plate of cuisine. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian spices are produced            separately. A massive range of spices for vegetarian people are made by Eversun. Both types of spices are being famous. Our customers are our fans, so we have implemented the special quality control convention on the process from the purchasing of raw materials to packaging of spices. This quality furnishes us fame with dignity.

Research & Testing Laboratory

Eversun executes a special test in producing spices. Eversun has its own technologically advanced testing laboratory. A team of scientists inspect each and every batch of spices and test them practically. The final products are launched in the market after seeking the positive and reliable report. This type of strict test and research is essential for maintaining the trustworthiness of customers. The company keeps patience when there is a delay in producing final product and launch high quality and delicious spices in market.

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